Animation – Backgrounds

Above: backgrounds made for a webseries aimed at children for ASN bank. 2018

Below: various background art made by me for the graduation short Death in the Maiden (2017). The short film was made in collaboration with Myrthe Raasveld.

Below: 5 backgrounds for a short animation for a school assignment, depicting the Dutch city Schiedam.

Below: stills from animated visuals, used as a backdrop during a performance by Noa Samson, from 2018 Above: animated concept for a moving image music video.

Below: a collection of background art made for the music video of Taymir’s Sometime, 2015. The clip was made in collaboration with Bobby Wessels and Zonna Menes.

Below: animation layout and backgrounds for an explanimation about the first woman to wear pants ( in Dutch, the word sapperloot is involved. Imagine that). 2014.